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Toy and Mini Aussiedoodles

We are currently waiting for our Mini Mama's to come of age and complete health testing and OFA prelims. 

At this time we do not have a litter planned but feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. At times we find an adult female that fits our program and we have litters sooner than planned. 

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Current Pricing

For Mini F1  Aussiedoodles  10-26lb estimate 

Merle Coloring:  $2200

Non-Merle:  $1850

Please let us know if you have any questions about joining Mama Zoey's Spring 2023 List!!!

IMG_E1395 (1).JPG

Nova and Toby's 2022 Litter

All have found homes 

Puppies in this litter should mature between 25-35lbs.  Nova has retired from our program. This was her last litter. We are holding back one of her pups as a possible future Mama to hopefully continue to pass on her sweet temperament and healthy, strong genetics. 



Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies












Blue Collar Male

Past Mini Puppies

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