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Responsible breeder of mini and small standard Aussiedoodles, and standard multigenerational Goldendoodles. 
A family adventure that we started as a way to spend more time with the people and animals that we love.  Our goal is to do everything to the best of our ability and so we concentrate on breeding a well rounded, healthy dog.  We hope to give each of the individuals and families that choose to adopt from us a dog that will forever leave a special imprint on that household.

Great news! We would love to discuss our current or future litters with you. To get to know us and our dogs better, we suggest scheduling a video call. Simply click the Contact button below and let us know a good time for a call, and we'll do our to arrange it.


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Located in the Mills River valley of the mountains of
Western North Carolina


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Introducing Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture was introduced to us when we worked as apprentice for another local breeder. It has been such a joy to watch the puppies learn how to relate to us in a healthy way and grow from this early stimulation and training. We have heard great feedback from our families. Although each puppy is different this program gives them a great start to being confident, stable, and healthy dogs. Click the image for more information. Each of our puppy families is sent a link to the first 12 week program.

Chicken Jerky Time Standard Aussiedoodle Pups

Current Food
we Use

We currently have our breeding dogs on Muenster Pet dog food. We have been very happy with this family owned, Texas based company.  They have add on options to their kibble that can be a great option for picky eaters or those dogs who need a specific nutrient boost.  For our Pups we usually add on dried Goats Milk for an extra protein and probiotic boost!!

Below is our affiliate link if you would like to check them out!! 


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