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Blue Merle Aussiedoodles and Australian Mountain Doodles

For the Love of  Merle Doodle Puppies

Welcome to Mills River Doodles, your home for Aussiedoodles and Australian Mountain Doodles. I still remember the first time I saw a photo of an Aussiedoodle.  It was a gorgeous Blue Merle and White dog with the strong marbled pattern in the long fluffy coat.  I was hooked. The Blue Merle and Red Merle patterns are unique and breathtaking.  There are many types of canines in the world, but few are as beautiful as a carefully bred Aussiedoodle (but we are partial).


At Mills River Doodles, we breed Blue Merle Aussiedoodle and Red Merle Aussiedoodle pups responsibly. The Merle gene does require more knowledge about pairing the breeding dogs than many of the other colors in the canine world.  We are careful to DNA test our parent dogs and make wise decisions, backed by research to make sure we have healthy puppies.  Health and temperament are always our top priority. The Merle pattern is a bonus that we do take in consideration. We never breed two Merle dogs together as this can be detrimental to the health of many of the pups. A single Merle gene produces no health consequences to the puppy and being a dominant gene you also get the gorgeous marbling of the coat and sometimes even blue or marbled eyes. This means that in the litters that have a merle parent there will most likely be pups that inherited 2 copies of the Solid Color gene and will lack the marbling in their fur.  In many of our litters you will find Chocolate and Black as well as the Blue and Red Merles. 

An Aussiedoodle is not for every family.  They are a medium to high energy dogs. They thrive with active families who love to hike, play ball, and swim with their furry companions.  A good size yard is also a plus, but if a family is active and ready for long walks it is not a requirement for the breed.  They are very loyal to their families. We do recommend that the families continue training after taking their puppy home.  Aussiedoodles are some of the most intelligent dogs you will find.  With great smarts comes great responsibility.  Once they know what is expected of them, they try hard to please their owners. 

Are you looking for a perfect pet? Are you a previous or current Aussiedoodle or Australian Shepherd owner? Mills River Doodles has new litters coming and perhaps your first or next cute, lovable, and playful Aussiedoodle. These beautiful puppies don't last long though, so be sure to get signed up early.

Thank you for stopping by Mills River Doodles, and for loving Aussiedoodles the way we do. If you are interested in learning more about our breeding process, our puppies, or to get on the list for your own Aussiedoodle puppy, contact us today.

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