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Mini Aussiedoodles

Mama Roxy and Daddy Poe became the proud parents to 9 beautiful puppies on March 6th (and 7th) .  This litter of F1 Mini Aussiedoodles should weigh in around 10-30lbs as adults.  We have Black Tri's and Chocolate Tri's in this litter. Our last pup is pending and should be headed home soon. 

Scroll below to see the past pups!!

"Rivers" - headed home soon!!! 

"Rivers" is an intelligent playful mini Aussiedoodle that has stolen our hearts. He had a home lined up but to no fault of his won that family had to pass at this time.  He is 12 weeks old and has had 2 rounds of vaccines. Learning to sit, lay down and spin, he also enjoys belly rungs and playing fetch. He does very well staying with his human side by side on walks and is very motivated to please his owner. This will make training very easy.  Pee pad trained at this time and also goes well outside. 

Black Tri Mini Aussiedoodle in a wagon

"Sierra" ---Home!!

adorable mini aussiedoodle in a wagon


We are also planning our breedings for Summer/Fall Litters of F1b mini Aussiedoodles (75%poodle 25%Aussie approximately)   with Mama Millie and Daddy Cooper (a poodle in SC) and Mama Ollie and Daddy Poe.  Expecting all the colors in these upcoming litters. Reach out for more info!!  


Current Pricing

For Mini F1or F1b  Aussiedoodles  10-40lb estimate (can give better estimate per litter of parent combo) 

Merle Coloring:  $2200

Non-Merle:  $1850

We do have several families on the waitlist at this time. We are happy to discuss time frame estimates with you!!  

IMG_E1395 (1).JPG

Roxy and Poe's Spring 2024 Litter

Puppies in this litter should mature between 10-35lbs.  Mama Roxy lives here in Mills River with us and is a 30lb mini Australian (American) Shepherd. She LOVES to play fetch and enjoys cuddle time with her human family.  Daddy Poe is in a guardian home in Fairview and is a well built, behaved mini poodle that also loves fetch and loves being around kids. 

F1 Aussiedoodles   50/50 Aussie/Poodle

Low to medium shedding on these pups.

Possibility of Blue Eyes- We will know more at around 5-6 weeks old. 

*We never guarantee eye color as it can change up to 16 weeks old. 



Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies

Blue Eyed mini black Tri Aussiedoodle puppy



Black Tri mini Aussiedoodle in a basket



Adorable petite Aussiedoodle puppy with two blue eyes



Cute Mini Chocolate Aussiedoodle puppy

"Mister Toad"


Mini Aussiedoodle puppy in a basket



Chocolate Mini Aussiedoodle with one paw up

Past Mini Puppies

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