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Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies

The Only Small Thing about Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies is Their Size

At Mills River Doodles we currently produce two sizes of Aussiedoodle and Australian mountain doodles.  Currently our small standard (25-50lbs as adults) are our most popular, but we do have families that would like a petite version.  We also produce a mini version of the beautiful Merle and Tri Aussiedoodles. As adults these puppies should weigh between 10-30lbs.  Size estimation for Doodles is not an easy task.  The "Hybrid vigor" from combining two different breeds makes them healthier (on average) and that in turn can make them grow bigger. We try our best to be honest with our estimates.  The way most doodle breeders figure the sizes are from past puppies as adults and also from the weights of the parents.  Sometimes, however, there can be a smaller, or bigger grandparent dog's genes that pull through.


The nice thing about Aussiedoodles is because both Australian Shepherds and poodles come in a Miniature size we can better predict a smaller dog than say a "mini Bernedoodle"(combo of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Mini Poodle). 

Mini Aussiedoodles are just as intelligent as their larger counterparts.  They may be better suited for apartment life and a smaller yard, but they still require exercise and training on a regular basis. 

Visit our Mini Aussiedoodle puppy Page to find out about our upcoming litters of these smaller, beautiful, loyal and fun loving dogs. 

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