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Always learning to better the breed

Here at Mills River Doodles we want to be known as wise, responsible breeders.  We get to know our parent dogs. Each has their own personality, athletic ability, talents and things that make them one of a kind. 

 We make sure that our breeding stock has been tested with either Embark or Paw Print Genetics to screen for genetic markers that can pass to their offspring. We also want to make sure that they have had x-rays of their hips by either OFA or PenHip to ensure that they do not have hip dysplasia. 

We try to look at each dog as a whole. If one of our parent dogs has a genetic marker for a possible problem we make sure that their mate is genetically clear in that same area so that the offspring are healthier and we are bettering the breed, not causing more problems.

 If one of our parent dogs has an OFA score of Fair we may still use them but ALWAYS pair them with a mate that is Good to Excellent on scoring thru OFA or PenHip. 

If a parent dog has 2 copies of a genetic mutation or if they have hips that show signs of dysplasia they are not used in our program, regardless of how much we may love their personality. 

Regardless of the careful and balanced approach that we try to take, dogs can still develop problems in their lifetime.  Testing of the parents do not guarantee that the offspring will be completely free of all health problems in the future. We do offer a 2 year genetic health guarantee on our dogs should one of them be diagnosed with a problem that is deemed genetic from birth. (more info on that guarantee is in our puppy contract). 

Genetic testing and discoveries of DNA markers is ever changing and we try our best to study and make balanced decisions. Contact us at anytime to get full reports of our parent dog's testing and also for references to the information we use to make our decisions when breeding. 

Thank you for trusting us to give your puppy the very best start before they are even concieved. 

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle puppy with her sweater on
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