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Stud dogs


  CKC , Moyen Poodle, Embark tested 100% poodle , carries one copy of CDDY marker

negative for CDPA through Animal Genetics

Elbows, cardiac and has had an eye exam through OFA at around a year old

OFA hip prelim:  EXCE:LLENT

Toby arrived in January of 2022 to Mills River. Raised in warmer weather as a puppy and young adult, he was surprised  by his first snowstorm that hit a few days later. We have fallen in love with this little fella. Fun loving and kind he is a great combination of a dog that is ready to play and that also likes to be lazy with his owners. He is a very well rounded dog with a sturdy, square build. At 26lbs, his size is sought after in the poodle and doodle world.  The color traits he carries are also a very good match for our  Standard Aussie Mama's. He produces beautiful, healthy and intelligent puppies. His curl furnishings have been strong. All of his pups end up with a beautiful, wavy doodle coat. 

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