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Our Puppy Contract

Below is our basic pet contract.  If the puppy is older or if there is a small finding at the vet appointment (like a narrow bite or undescended testicle of a pup)  the contract we send you after puppy picks will be slightly different.  For those interested in breeding their pup later, we like to know that ahead of time so we can help discuss possible coloring and health concerns and the breeders program that the pup will be going to. 

P E T   S A L E S   C O N T R A C T




This contract is between (Breeders)    Andy and Amanda Banks    

hereinafter referred to Breeder. And  ___________________  here in after Referred to as Buyer(s).

Buyer’s address ___________           City _________________       State_________   Zip__________                      

Phone  ______________________________________                                       

Mr. / Mrs. E-mail  ______________________________________________                                                  


Seller agrees to sell Buyer a             (breed) puppy born on(date)____________   



Sire___________            Dam  ______________________                      

Puppy’s Litter Name__                        Puppy’s Call Name_

For the purchase price of $ Deposit: -----

Balance paid by   

Balance $                       Paid Date:                                   




This price includes :

Aussiedoodle Puppy, veterinary visit –medical notes included, current on all vaccinations and de- wormings, record of vaccinations and 2 year genetic health guarantee. Puppies also come with lifetime breeder advice regarding your puppy from Mills River Doodles.

The buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with vaccinations, proper nutrition, which consists of a good quality professional diet given at regular intervals, and fresh water available at all times. The buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the puppy/dog and never allow the puppy/dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.


Training classes are recommended and encouraged for a happy relationship between a dog and family.           INITIAL   ____________  


The seller guarantees this puppy/dog to be of sound health and temperament at the time of sale. A health record of all vaccinations will be provided. Should puppy/dog be determined to be in ill health the buyer agrees to take the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 42 hours of pick up for a physical examination. Should puppy/dog be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the seller, the puppy/dog and signed written diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian must be returned within 48 hours for a refund of the purchase price. Shipping NOT Included.              INITIAL   ______________                                     


The seller does not guarantee against shedding, allergic reactions, or allergies. Seller cannot also guarantee size or color of puppy coat or color of eyes.

INITIAL _____________                      


The buyer agrees not to use this animal for breeding and agrees to have it spayed/neutered at the age recommended by their veterinarian (usually 8-12 months of age). Puppy must be spayed/neutered by 13 months of age       INITIAL _______________________                   


If at any time the buyer can no longer retain possession of the puppy/dog, the buyer does have permission from breeder to sell or give away to a good pet home. The buyer can contact the seller for help in the process of choosing a good home. The buyer is not to give the puppy/dog to any rescue facility or shelter, in such cases the dog is to be returned to Mills River Doodles.

INITIAL ____________________   

The buyer agrees to contact the seller or their veterinarian immediately if any questions or concerns arise about the dog, such as diet, health, housing and training, behavior, and temperament. The buyer agrees to keep the seller informed of any treatment as it occurs. This provides the seller with important feedback and information on the health of the puppy/dog for future generations.

INITIAL ________________                         


It is understood at the time of the sale that this is a companion puppy/dog and it is a representative

of its breeds (Australian Shepherd, Poodle, Aussiedoodle). It is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion.

INITIAL ____________________                         


In the event that any legal action is taken to enforce any provision of this contract, said legal action shall be brought in the appropriate court located in Henderson County, North Carolina. The laws of the Commonwealth of North Carolina shall be used to interpret the provisions of the contract and shall be applied by the court in rendering judgments in any legal action brought by either party. The puppy buyer agrees to using arbitration instead of settling in court if the breeder chooses this option. The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established for the well-being of the dog and to uphold and maintain the reputation of quality that Mills River Doodles has established.

INITIAL __________________________                         


It is necessary to protect your puppy from contagious diseases until an entire series of vaccines

has been given. Your puppy shouldn’t be exposed to other puppies or taken to public places until fully protected by the entire series. At 8 weeks of age, your puppy has had only one vaccine, as is the proper vaccine protocol. Until receiving vet recommended vaccines, your puppy is NOT fully protected against deadly contagious diseases such as Parvovirus and distemper etc. We do not guarantee that your puppy won’t catch contagious diseases. Vet records are included at time of pickup. Please provide them to the new vet and follow their recommendations for next set of vaccines and preventative measures.

INITIAL ____________________                          


Sometimes puppies are born with parasites and worms, and stress can also bring them out again;

although our puppies receive Pyrantel deworming medicine several times before adoption, and also have a fecal test at their appointment with the vet and treatment if needed, they may still

have a few parasites that resisted treatment. Your vet should provide a routine worming or fecal test. We do not make any real or implied guarantee against normal puppy parasites, such as coccidiosis, giardia, or viral or bacterial infections that puppies can contract (such as ear infections or UTIs, etc.). INITIAL _____________ 





All puppies are examined by a licensed Veterinarian before they leave

our home. To the best of the Breeder and Veterinarian's knowledge, this puppy has no known diseases or illnesses. This puppy is guaranteed to be free of untreatable health conditions. For this guarantee to be valid, the buyer must take the puppy to a Licensed Veterinarian of their choice for the puppy's well check-up within 3 business days of delivery. If puppy is found to have a disease that is untreatable or found to have a hereditary disease, a letter from the Licensed Veterinarian stating the problem must be presented to the seller within 5 days of delivery. In this case, the puppy will be returned to the Breeder within 7 days and a refund of the full purchase price - not including transportation - will be given to the Buyer and therefore ending this contract entirely. Veterinary and Medical care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer.


The Sire and Dam of this puppy have been screened for genetic diseases by DNA Testing. The best possible care has been taken to breed healthy dogs. If your puppy should have a genetic defect that causes diagnosis of disease within 2 years, we do offer a warranty. The puppy is also warrantied until the age of two years for Genetic Defects of the Heart and Eyes. If there is a Heart Defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to Breeder or Breeder's Veterinarian from a Board-Certified Cardiologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital. If there is an Eye Defect, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a letter to Breeder or Breeder's Veterinarian from a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist stating that in his/her opinion this condition is congenital. In the rare event of a confirmed Genetic Defect before the puppy is 2 years old, as listed above, the Buyer can return the dog to the Breeder for a replacement Puppy. Transportation, Veterinary and Medical care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Buyer.


Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy/dog examined by Breeder’s Veterinarian, and/or acquire DNA testing to determine the dog or puppy is one of our lineage and health status before issuing any kind of refund/replacement.


Breeder cannot be responsible for Sarcomas, Tumors, Autoimmune Disorders, Thyroid Disease, Stomach issues, Allergies, and Seizures. Vaccine related Allergy and Seizure issues that result in itching or seizures can occur up to two months after administered vaccine. Breeder cannot be held liable for any of these conditions as they can be caused by unknown environmental triggers out of the Breeder's control.


The buyer’s agreements will continue for the life of the dog and the seller will have to right to enforce the agreements.





Seller Name: _________________           Signature: ___________________________                                                                         




Buyer Name:  ___________________________   Signature:  _____________________________                                                                                 




Agrees to on this date:                                       


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