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Why we Love Aussiedoodles!

Invested.  That is one of the top words that comes to mind when we are describing Aussiedoodles. This "Einstein" of the Doodle breeds is an athletic, intelligent and loyal companion that is ideal for active individuals and families. We understand that this breed is not for everyone. After all, that is why, for centuries and perhaps millennia humans have been pairing together canines to develop certain traits to improve the health and functionality of the dogs.  At Mills River Doodles that is what we strive to do responsibly. We are invested in our dogs, puppies and the families we work with. 

Activity Level

Aussiedoodles, whether mini or standard, play hard and nap hard.  They do well with crate training, but are not a breed that can be left in a kennel or alone for multiple hours a day.  (Occasionally, this is not a problem but it can be if it is the families normal routine).  Right after nap time, especially with puppies, they do best with some exercise before focusing on training. This can look like a quick game of fetch or a walk outside for a few minutes. Even the smaller mini's can keep up with family activities such as hiking, boating, long walks and swimming.  Most Aussiedoodles love the water and make great beach and lake companions.  We have past pups that have learnt to ride in kayaks, fetch rocks out of the rivers,  run next to their owners on a bicycle, and hike for miles in the mountains.  

Athletes also need to rest though.  This doodle breed is more than happy to nap at your feet during your computer work or cuddle on the couch for a movie with the kids.  They just want to be involved with the family and their people.  They are invested in their people as a priority and, when it is time for activities, they are also invested in the job at hand.  

One of the Smartest Doodle Breeds

Aussiedoodles are known for their high intelligence. From a very young age they form a bond with their owners/teachers and most learn very quickly.  By 10-12 weeks they can usually sit, spin and lay down if they have been worked with regulary.  

That intelligence comes with a price. If they get bored they can find themselves in trouble. They can be stubborn at times, although many are very food driven, so treats go a long way in encouraging them to make good decisions. Especially during puppy hood, we recommend that families provide plenty of mentally stimulating toys and activities. It is also best to keep the aussiedoodle pup in a restricted safe area when not being supervised. If behavior problems arise it is best to find a trainer that is familiar with Australian Shepherds and or doodle breeds. 

Velcro Doodle

One of the parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd, is known for its loyalty.  This at times looks like an obsession that they have with "their person" or "their family".  Many Aussiedoodles carry this loyalty also.  They are the kind of dog that will follow you to the bathroom, lay at your feet or want to cuddle on the couch. Sometimes right not top of you.  This loyalty makes off leash training very easy (usually- if they take more after some poodles they may be ready to chase a nearby "smell" of a squirrel or bird).  

We do our best to socialize the puppies during that pivotal 12 weeks (The Puppy Culture Program explains this well).   This includes exposing them to new experiences, people, noises, animals, etc in a low stress way at the right time.  We recommend that our puppy owners continue to expose their new puppy to a variety of different things from a young age.  Taking them with you on adventures is what Aussiedoodles love the best!   If they are not exposed to others early enough they can be aloof and timid to strangers. 


If you have any other questions about Aussiedoodles please give us a call!!  We are happy to discuss the breed with you to see if it is the right fit for your family!!





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