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Mama Nova was one of our first mother dogs at Mills River Doodles. She lived with our family in Tryon. She was bred with Daddy Barrett of Ocoee River Doodles for her first litter and our very own Daddy Toby for her second. Some of her pups are pictured below.  They were F1 Aussiedoodles ....50 percent Australian Shepherd and 50 percent poodle.  

Mama Nova's


Mama Mazyn's


We have always said that Mama Mazyn is everyone's Mama.  This "alpha" female never starts a fight and somehow can quickly calm one with the other dogs around.  Everyone listens to her. She is a calming presence in our pack.  She is retired now and lives with our parents, following my Dad from the house to the garage, to the garden, to visit neighbors and of course come visit to play with her "pack".  She has a stuffed monkey that she guards from the cats and her small dachshund mix sister. She was such a wonderful Mom and we are so proud of her pups and hear back from families often. She had one litter with Daddy Barrett of Ocoee River Doodles, and 2 litters with our Daddy Toby. 

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