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As a native of Mills River I have been able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and grow up around wonderful people and animals.  Shepherds have always had a special place in my family.  I have never tired of old family stories of baseball games with an English Shepherd always nearby. I was then able to make my own memories growing up with Collies and fishing for crawfish in the nearby creek. They are loyal and caring and our Aussie Mama's have further proven this. They now watch over our girls with their quite demeanor and splash in the same creek on our family property. We have owned two poodles over the years and they have also shown us how fun loving and special they are.  With incredible smarts and a wonderful personality Daddy Toby has won our hearts. We would love to bless your family with the memories we have cherished; furry friends that add to each family and remind us to slow down and enjoy every moment.  Thank you for stopping by.............   Amanda  Banks with Mills River Doodles
Family Breeder Aussiedoodle and Australian Mountain Doodles


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