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Aussiedoodle Breeder

Looking for Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale?

If you are looking for Aussiedoodle puppies for sale, you have most likely researched the breed yourself already! A good breeder is always happy to tell you their experience with the breed and give recommendations.  Different families do best with different breeds. Aussiedoodles and Australian Mountain Doodles are not the perfect fit for every household. We try to be honest with our families and also work with them to make sure the puppy is going to be a good fit before we place the dog in their home.  This hard work at the front end means that we rarely get a dog returned to us or need to help the current owners rehome.  We do offer that benefit to our families if the need arises however. (details are in the puppy contract- you can request a copy at anytime) 

The Aussiedoodle, being the perfect blend of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dog breeds, Mills River Doodles has experience with both breeds and the combination! As a specialized breeder, Mills River Doodles can also help with your questions and to see if the breed might be what your family is looking for. 

Known for being smart and loyal, in addition to being ridiculously cute, Aussiedoodles are now a highly sought-after breed. Finding these remarkable canines with good genetics, however, isn't always so easy. If you are looking for Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale, then Mills River Doodles can help. We work with our families the best we can to find them the right puppy at the right time.  We can not predict our litter times perfectly, as nature usually has a mind of its own, but we do try our best to keep our families well informed on the process and expected dates. If it is an Aussiedoodle puppy you want, we can help make sure you get your own puppy to take home.

We strive to be responsible Breeders and all of our parent dogs are health and hip tested.  We also offer guarantees that are outlined in our puppy contracts.  We do not offer breeding rights unless we have approved the program and we have been told of the intentions before a deposit is made. It is very important to us that our families receive healthy, happy puppies and just as important that we know our dogs are going to be loved and taken care of for the remainder of their life.  Puppies can always be returned to us, no questions asked. We do not provide refunds in such situations, but we are happy to try to help a family rehome their puppy if need be. Thankfully, we do not need to do this often as we are very careful at the front end that the  homes sound like they are ready for an active, playful Aussiedoodle or Australian Mountain Doodle. 

Thank you for visiting Mills River Doodles, where we love Aussiedoodles as much as you do. Contact us today to learn more about our next litter of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale, and get your next furry family member.

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