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Mills River Doodles is a Puppy Culture Affiliate

At Mills River Doodles, The Puppy Culture early training program gives our dogs a wonderful start to life. In our experience it has helped our puppies transition to their new families and the outside world. We encourage every pet owner to look into this training program. The image below is a direct link to view their products. We hope to soon have more videos on our YouTube channel to help encourage others, that in just a few minutes you can communicate to your puppy skills that last a lifetime.


Introducing Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture was introduced to us when we worked as apprentice for another local breeder. It has been such a joy to watch the puppies learn how to relate to us in a healthy way and grow from this early stimulation and training. We have heard great feedback from our families. Although each puppy is different this program gives them a great start to being confident, stable, and healthy dogs. Click the image above for more information. Each of our puppy families is sent a link to the first 12 week program.

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