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Our current and future breeding females

We do retire some of our females to families on occasion, only if we find the perfect home. Available adults will be listed and the bottom of this page. Contact us for more information!



Small Standard F1 Aussiedoodle  Embark Health Clear 50% Poodle and 50% Australian Shepherd

OFA prelim Hip: GOOD

OFA Patella's : NORMAL

One of Mazyn's gorgeous Merle girls from 2021. She is currently living here in WNC in a guardian home where she has chickens, cats and a dog sister to entertain her. We know that her dog parents have great genetics and we are hoping to use her in the future to produce some F1b doodles. Stay tuned to this upcoming star.


Australian Shepherd, AKC, ASCA 100% Australian Shepherd through Embark, 1 Copy of DCM1, 1 Copy of low ALT, OFA Hip OFA Hip Prelim: GOOD

OFA Patella's : NORMAL

Chloe is a Red Tri Standard Aussie weighing in at around 45lbs. It is easy to tell that she is very beautiful and carries for the Aussie Blue Eyes that  she passes to some of her offspring. She is very kind and patient to our children.  Embark tested and Good Hip scores for OFA  hip Prelims .  She lives here in Mills River with our family and my son calls her "his dog". 


Roxy  (new picture coming soon) 

Miniature Australian Shepherd,  ASDR Registered

Canine Health Check: Clear, Pending OFA Hip/Patella

Roxy is a gorgeous blue eyed black Tri Miniature Australian Shepherd. She surprised us by actually testing as a cryptic merle. This means she carries the merle gene but does not show any of the pattern. Her puppies will lack the Marbling merle coloring and will only be Black or Chocolate Tri's.  This is not a problem for us however, she has strong genetic traits for blue eyes in her gene pool and we expect to see some gorgeous dogs from her.  She is very sweet, loves to cuddle and play fetch.  



F1 Mini Aussiedoodle, Pending  hip testing

Canine Health Check DNA: 1 copy of Dilated Myeopathy (not affected), 1 copy CDDY, negative for CDPA 

A sweet little pup from one of Daddy Toby's litters.  She is now almost full grown and weighs around 30lbs (new picture coming soon) . She is in a guardian home in Hooper's Creek with some of our extended family and so we get the joy of seeing her regularly!! We are so excited to watch her grow.  She likes to dig outside and loves hugs just like her Daddy Toby! She has a WONDERFUL personality and we used her to help socialize and raise one of Mama Mazyn's recent singleton because she loves playing with puppies. 

Up for retirement


Standard Australian Shepherd, Embark DNA 100% Australian Shepherd and Clear Genetics,  OFA Hip (final):  GOOD

We can not say enough good things about this female Australian Shepherd. She has earned a well deserved retirement.  She is our "Alpha" female in the home and is so obedient and loving. She keeps our other dogs calm and collective and is a rare gem in the Aussie world. She walks right with her human off leash and her recall is phenomenal.  We would consider placing her in a different home if the right family or individual comes along. While she does a great job at tolerating our toddler we do feel that she would do better in a home with older children or with a retired couple. She is great in the car, great around other dogs, at the vets office, loves hiking and does wonderfully in stores also.  She does not like gun shots or thunderstorms if she is outside. She loves to be around her people. Contact us if you are looking for a wonderful companion and think she may be a good fit. 

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