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Adopting an Aussiedoodle

We hope that this page answers many of your questions about applying, picking out and taking home a Mills River Doodle puppy!   We are always happy to answer any further questions by phone, text, email or message.  Contact us anytime!  


Learning about Aussiedoodles

The Aussiedoodle combination has not been out for centuries like many of the dog breeds out there. Although each individual dog can have differing qualities, in general, Aussiedoodles do best with active individuals and young families.  They do best when they have a fenced in yard, or someone who loves to take long walks, run, hike, or play fetch.  They are loyal and love to follow their people everywhere. They do need socialization as pups to develop confidence in new situations and around new people. They are VERY quick learners, most love the water, are athletic and super sweet.  We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have! 


Puppy Application

The next step in our adoption process is filing out a puppy application.  This short form asks a few simple questions and provides us with your email address and phone number for our records.

Current Doodle Prices: 

F1 Standard Aussiedoodles

                       $1600 non-merle                             $1950 merle coloring

F1b Mini Aussiedoodles

$1850 non-merle

$2200 merle coloring

F1 Standard Goldendoodle




Joining the Waitlist

We currently have 2 waitlist, divided by size.  (You do have the option of joining both waitlist and can choose from any of our upcoming litters)  We have a mini waitlist (for dogs under 35lbs) and a Standard waitlist (35lbs+).  There is a $200 non-refundable deposit to join our waitlist. This deposit can be paid by Venmo, Zelle or personal check. (Puppy Pick up we prefer either Cash or Venmo- unless another arrangement is discussed prior). We do currently breed F1b mini Aussiedoodles (approx 75%poodle, 25%Aussie), F1 Standard Aussiedoodle(50%Aussie, 50%Poodle) and F1 Standard Goldendoodles (50%Golden Retriever, 50%Poodle) .  Prices of the Doodles are subject to change, but once you put a deposit in it guarantees the price of the pups at the time of deposit (is the amount you will pay at pickup. ) Your deposit also goes towards the total price. 


Puppy Picks!!!

One of the most exciting times of the new puppy experience is puppy pick week!   At the time of the planned mating we will email our waitlist. If successful,  2 months later we should have new puppies!  We will keep our waitlist updated with the growth of the puppies with routine YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook post and emails. You are welcome to reach out to us anytime about the parent dogs and current litter and how they are doing!   At approximately 6-7 weeks of age they will go to the vet for their first round of vaccines and a vet check. Usually that evening we will begin our Puppy Picks!  We start at the top of our waitlist and work our way down, giving each family approximately 24 hours to make their decision. We are happy to send plenty of videos, pictures, Facetime and if you are a local family you are welcome to stop by and personally pick your puppy! (although go home will be between 8-10 weeks after more time with Mama and training) If something comes up in your family you are welcome to pass to a later litter if you need more time to prepare for a pup. We can not predict litter size and timing, and because of this, if you are later on the list you may need to wait several months until the next litter arrives, or you may get to choose sooner than expected if the families ahead of you need to pass! 


Gotcha Day!!!

Many of our families anticipate this day for months.  It is so exciting for our family, the puppy and the new household they are going to.  We are happy to meet our families here in Mills River for pickup or arrange personal delivery, or we have options of ground transport company we have worked with or a flight nanny if you live farther than we are able to travel at the time. (there is an extra charge for delivery).  We start letting our pups go at 8 weeks of age.  We will work with each family on the best pick up time and will watch the pups at no additional charge until 10 weeks.  We do offer to keep pups longer if needed for a boarding fee of $75 a week and $100 for each additional vaccine/vet visit that is needed prior to going home (pups get parvo/distemper vaccines approx every 3-4 weeks after their first round).  

What is included in the Puppy Pack: 

A few days worth of Kibble 

Puppy Toy

Blanket with Mama's smell

Training Clicker

Training treats

What we recommend you bring:

Collar and leash

Wet wipes/paper towels (in case they get car sick)

Water for puppy 

If traveling alone with pup.... a crate 


Support from Mills River Doodles

We enjoy getting to know our puppy families and want you to know we are always available by phone/text or email for any questions you may have that are doodle related!   Feel free to send pictures to share or reach out anytime!  We remember each puppy and their family. They make memories with our family first and we look forward to hearing about the memories they make with yours!! 

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