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How it Works

Please contact us by phone, text or message to find out about our program and puppies. Once you are sure you want to adopt from our program please fill out a puppy application (Below). Once approved the $200 non-refundable deposit (for pet only home) will be taken and you can choose which puppy you want that is currently available or get on a waiting list for an upcoming litter. That deposit does go toward the final price of the dog that is due upon pickup or delivery. Our current waiting list include Mini- Aussiedoodles (Merle List and a Black/White List) , Standard Aussiedoodles (Merle and Black Tri List)  and Standard Goldendoodles (F1B generation).

When a litter has arrived we contact those on our waiting list. We will contact each family on our waiting list beginning at the top. Should you choose to pass on the current litter you can be added to a future litter of your choosing. Puppy picks will go to the next family waiting.

If you would like full breeding rights please also contact us by phone (828-329-2807) after completing the application. There are additional questions we would like to go over as the contract is different and there is an additional cost due at time of deposit. 

Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale
F1 Merle

F1 Merle
Mini and Medium Aussiedoodles


F1 Black or Brown Tri/Bi

F1 Black or Brown Tri/Bi
Mini and Medium Aussiedoodles


F1B Standard Goldendoodle

F1B Mini Aussiedoodles
(Photo's coming 2023)

$2200.00 Merle
$1850.00 Non-Merle

Prices are subject to change. Contact us. Once you are on a waiting list you will be locked into the quoted price regardless of the litter you choose (within the same size, breed and color pattern). 

Aussiedoodle Breeder


Please reach out to us directly about our puppies and program before filling out an application. Filling out an application will put you on a waiting list for upcoming litters. A non-refundable $200 deposit is required at time of application. It can be used on any future litter.

If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to purchase a dog?

Thanks for submitting!

How Puppy Culture influences the way we house train.

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